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Train at scale, perform at scale

As a multinational company, KPMG’s team has different specializations and areas of expertise. How did it develop a dynamic, overarching program that turns people into experts through a personalized approach?

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Fellowmind is transitioning from implementation partner to digital transformation specialist. How do its employees upskill and reskill to become better business partners for their clients?

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At SparkOptimus, helping organizations do a faster, better job of serving customers is priority #1. But its employees need to grow and develop quickly, too. How does this growing consultancy make it happen?

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Picnic is one of the Netherland’s most successful & well-known online supermarket enterprises. But its future success is highly dependent on internally producing and developing the next generation of leadership.

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Founded in 2013, Bynder has rapidly grown into a leading digital asset management specialist with offices in 7 countries. How did it create a scaleable learning solution for an expanding team?

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Pladis delivers our favourite home treats and snacks around the world. But the global scale of pladis means their international teams are vulnerable to sudden changes. Therefore, pladis partnered with Lepaya to develop resilient managers and professionals with a growth mindset to carry their organization forward. Discover more in our video-format story.

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YoungCapital NEXT focuses on the new generation of thinkers and doers. How does it provide learning experiences that help young professionals develop the skills needed to succeed in the job market?

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Upskilling that breaks silos and enables innovation

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What do our clients say?

Clients give our training a rating of 8 /10

“The way of learning that Lepaya offers is already adapted to the ever-changing world and the challenges we're facing.”
Tessa Jobben
HR, Program Manager at pladis
“Thanks to the leadership program, we have created a working environment where people are happier and work with us longer.”
Willemijn Veerman
L&D, Operations at Picnic
“With Lepaya, I feel understood, having to only use a few words. Lepaya has the expertise to understand our industry, and is also a tech partner with a Microsoft Teams integration.”
Anneke Nobel
HR Business, Partner at Fellowmind
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