The State of Skills 2024

Discover how to transform into a skills-based organization with people's development in 2024

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People & market growth requires new skill sets in 2024

In 2024 the skills your talent needs to perform are changing.

How can enterprises identify and train the right skills in the right way to stay relevant?

Explore the learning data in the report and the skills businesses are training to impact people's growth.

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Connect upskilling data to your people’s development

Our data shows that learning teams have new opportunities to grow people’s careers and transform businesses.

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“ We see an increased appetite for working towards a skills-based organization from our clients and intentional learning could play a significant role in up-or reskilling the workforce. ”

Marlene de Koning
Director HR Tech at PWC

“ AI will help transform the traditional career ladder into a career lattice, generating more pathways for internal mobility, development, and engagement. So, businesses must empower employees to learn soft skills and behavioral skills that can enhance their current positions and prepare them for future roles.“

Alex Rylance
Head of Human Resources UK, Netcompany

“ Working in logistics offers a dynamic work environment where logistics leaders play a key role in the development of an organization. A good leader does not only focus on the optimisation of the processes but also on the team's personal growth, motivating collaboration and encouraging the team to achieve the best possible result.“

Laura van Hal
Organizational Development Manager, Viterra Chartering

“ One of the biggest shifts within the next couple of years is the career development that will move our employees forward in a more tailored way and reduce the need for external recruitments. “

Thomas Eklöf
Founder of AI for HR

“ In a landscape characterized by evolving innovation, analytical skills enable tech professionals to dissect intricate problems, derive insights from vast data sets, and integrate new technologies. ”

Ian Strik
Analytical Thinking Power Skill Owner

“ AI mentors allow L&D teams to support learners in a way that previously only human coaches could do.We’re talking about very personalized individual feedback that impacts learners and brings them to a higher level. “

Clemens Lechner
Head of Learning Technology Innovation

“ Learning is a skill to be learned and learned quicker than ever before. Companies need to teach the right attitude and behaviors but also design upskilling to make knowledge transfer as impactful as possible for career mobility in 2024. "

Thomas Schipperen
Intentional Learning Power Skill Owner