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The challenge

Being able to provide employees at SparkOptimus with a consistent growth path at every point in their career.

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The solution

Structured and consistent soft skill training by Lepaya that meets the needs of today’s employees.

Interviewing Associate Partner and Chief Talent Officer at SparkOptimus
Interviewee: Rob Wiggelinkhuizen, Associate Partner & Chief Talent Officer at SparkOptimus


“When you hire top talent, it is important to also offer them a structured growth path. The challenge is to improve this growth path every year and make it more tailormade and extensive, next to scaling the core business”, says Rob Wiggelinkhuizen, Associate Partner at SparkOptimus.

Living up to the expectations

“People who come to work for us are very ambitious and want to develop themselves at a rapid pace. It is our mission to nurture their curiosity and create the leaders of the future,” says Wiggelinkhuizen. “We want you to always have a direction to grow towards. Learning is part of the bigger picture at SparkOptimus. We want our colleagues to feel valued. That they learn skills that benefit them throughout their lives.”

“Our employees want to develop at a rapid pace. It’s in line with our values to facilitate this curiosity and willingness to grow.”




“Lepaya fits perfectly in this picture for us: a structured, soft skill learning program of a very high level aimed at today’s talent. The Lepaya learning method that combines short exercises with the app classroom sessions (incl. trainer & actors) is something that connects to the perception of millennials and subsequent generations.”

“In addition to this component, we also find it important to have a match in terms of organizational culture. That’s all covered with Lepaya. Just like we do, Lepaya moves quickly, they are very down-to-earth and razor-sharp in distinguishing sense from nonsense. And of course we like to work with industry disruptors.”

“The Lepaya programs that our employees participate in are those that each correspond to a specific career phase: Base, Build and Beyond. These are also exactly the steps you take as an employee with us as a career progresses. Per career phase employees move on to the next Lepaya program at SparkOptimus. ”

“Lepaya fits perfectly into the picture for us: a structured soft skill learning program of a very high level, aimed at today’s employees.”



Employee satisfaction

“As employee satisfaction is crucial we closely monitor the results of the Lepaya training courses. The great thing about it is that every training is evaluated by employees, which gives us a good insight of its quality. Some keywords that we consistently see are “eye opener”, “useful”, “valuable insights” and “well-balanced”. The reason we do this in the first place is to help employees in their development’’.

About SparkOptimus

SparkOptimus was founded in 2010 and helps organizations with digital solutions to service their customers better, faster and cheaper. They offer this in the fields of digital strategy, digital transformation, ventures & scale-ups, mergers & acquisitions, and analytics. The organization entails 80 employees with backgrounds from strategy to execution and takes care of everything from its offices in Amsterdam, Zurich and Düsseldorf. They have been using the Lepaya training platform since 2018.