Impact transforms learning into strategy

At Lepaya, we don’t stop until learners apply new skills in their work, and these skills move the needle on your overall company goals. And neither should you.

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Don’t settle for training without impact

Many companies keep spending resources on L&D without tangible results. Is it because it’s challenging to make the impact of learning visible? Maybe. But it’s not impossible, and that’s where we come in.

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Our approach is grounded in data and science

Adult learning theories – such as blended learning and the flipped classroom – allow us to maximize impact. We leverage the power of technology, continuously measure and analyze results, and encourage learners to practice new behaviors at every turn.

Understanding value to drive value

Learning is not just for L&D professionals. It is the partnership between L&D and the business that creates impact. Together, you can make a difference in individual and company performance.

The boundaries between work and practice should blur

We help you create an environment where learners feel safe to practice and apply their new skills, during training sessions and in their day-to-day work with their colleagues and manager.

We take community approach to solving impact challenges

Let’s transform your L&D and create perpetual high-impact learning experiences for your people, and make talent upskilling the core of your growth strategy.

Join Lepaya’s Impact Lab to connect with L&D and People’s leaders, experts, and practitioners to share research, tools, and challenges on driving business impact through learning.

The impact of our learning programs


Enterprise partners

172 clients chose to make talent upskilling and build an impact blueprint for their organizational growth.

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Upskilled learners

We strategically upskilled 16,5K people and matched their skills to desired business outcomes.

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Hours of practice

Just in 2022, the learners spent 78,5K hours practicing and proactively applying their newly gained skills.

The impact made at Picnic

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I see a real difference in how teams conduct themselves. That’s why we are looking at further programs with Lepaya to allow Captains, Supervisors and Hub Leads to dive deeper into leadership topics. Thanks to the leadership program, we have created a working environment where people are happier and work with us longer.

Willemijn Veerman

L&D Manager at Picnic

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We make an impact by training learners in the right skill, at the right time and in the right way.

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