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At Lepaya, we offer an L&D platform backed by interactive live sessions. Since everything takes place in the flow of work thanks to our app and integrations with programs like MS Teams, it's easy for your people to make personal development a priority.

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In the classroom

During our immersive classroom learning experiences for employees, everyone comes together virtually or in person. They interact, take risks and work on their own personal cases, so their experience is relevant to your organization.

Wherever you go

Life is busy, but our flexible approach and online employee learning platform make it easy to focus on developing new skills from almost anywhere.

Learning at your fingertips

Our easy-to-use L&D platform makes learning simple. It’s available as an employee training app for mobile, and also works with programs like Slack and MS Teams. And it provides instant access to information-packed modules, videos and quizzes.

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Master presenting with help from AI

Our virtual personal trainer, which is part of our employee training app, makes it easy to become a better presenter.

AI analyes everything from posture to filler words, helping learners discover their strengths and find areas for improvement.

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Next level learning

We’re designed to offer learning content, methodology, and technology in one platform as part of your learner’s flow.

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It’s all about Power Skills

We’ve combined soft skills and hard skills to create Power Skills. They focus on everything from leadership to storytelling and give your people the tools needed to thrive.

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Discover our developer hub

We’re ready to help you integrate Lepaya’s L&D app with your tech stack. Visit our developer hub for guides, documentation and everything you need to get things up and running.

And of course, we will lend a hand if you get stuck!

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