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Roxtec’s leadership upskilling strengthens global sales strategy and culture
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The challenge

Roxtec is the industry leader in sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits. With its modular solution and commitment to quality, Roxtec has expanded its presence into global markets. But as a global manufacturer with more than 800 employees across the globe, Roxtec requires employee training that connects global sales teams to strengthen commercial strategies, retain talent, and create a collaborative culture.

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The solution

With Lepaya's leadership training, Roxtec guarantees that sales leaders network and collaborate on commercial opportunities. By offering a blend of in-person and online sessions, we ensure that leaders develop their skills while creating meaningful connections among globally distributed teams and increasing retention rates.

Globally local company delivers the best customer value 

Roxtec blends a strong global presence with a dedication to providing localized services for its customers. 

However, when delivering their services, Roxtec's talent needs to know their line of business better than other manufacturers. Therefore, they must be able to source knowledge across international teams to ensure the best customer experience.

Training that connects sales leaders from every market 

In a manufacturer where colleagues collaborate across borders to provide the best value to clients, training serves as a networking tool. And the structure of Lepaya's training program reflects this with an initial on-site training, followed by online sessions, and concluding with another on-site event to ensure sales leaders network.

Bringing together leaders from different regions in person is crucial to break down silos of individual sales teams, expand commercial operations into new markets and cultivate a strong culture.

Empowering leadership that enables teams to excel

A holistic approach to learning empowers Roxtec’s teams to excel. Instead of focusing solely on enhancing sales skills, Lepaya's training equips sales leaders with the tools to think creatively, participate in meaningful team discussions, and elevate their leadership capabilities.

This is why every leader at Roxtec goes through an empowering leadership program and learns skills like:  

  • Leading difficult conversations and giving feedback
  • Managing stress
  • Discovering their own leadership style.

Through collaboration with seasoned trainers and business actors, the training offers opportunities to simulate a wide range of real-life scenarios, making it easier to apply their new skills in their specific teams.

A company culture that boosts retention for globally distributed talent

Labor shortages in the manufacturing industry mean that manufacturers must build a company culture that improves talent retention and performance. This is especially relevant for globally distributed teams.

At Roxtec, building a strong company culture is a key business priority. By creating a workplace with capable and flexible leaders, they ensure that from the moment employees join Roxtec, they become an integral part of its culture. 

But Roxtec supports every employee with continuous development to help individuals become the best version of themselves. Engineers, for example, are encouraged to be part of the business, develop new products, and be close to where the decisions are made.

By building a culture that puts employee engagement, growth, and development first, it ensures that its workforce remains highly motivated to achieve Roxtec’s market ambitions.