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The challenge

Picnic needed a learning path for its young professionals to develop into effective team leaders. These leaders need the right skills to drive results and boost collaboration to improve talent retention and happiness.

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The solution

Implement an L&D solution at scale that targets specific leadership skills each learning group requires and ensure that these skills become embedded in leadership styles.

Transforming Picnic’s first-time leaders

Picnic is one of the Netherland’s most successful & well-known online supermarket enterprises. But its future success is highly dependent on internally producing and developing the next generation of leadership.

Picnic’s leaders are guiding its journey to success

Since opening in 2015, Picnic has changed the way their customers do groceries. With its unique online shopping service, they deliver groceries for free to the doorstep of one million customers in the Netherlands and Germany.

But Picnic isn’t stopping there and continues to be one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Amidst its high growth, Picnic recognises the need for new generations of leaders to emerge and presents leadership opportunities to employees early in their career. To give them the greatest chance of success, Picnic provides their employees with the resources they need to excel.

“Picnic continues to grow exponentially. Therefore sourcing and retaining the right people is an ever-present challenge.”



So how does Picnic ensure that its young leaders have the right skills for the right role?

Transforming Picnic’s Leadership with Power skills

Picnic enrolled over 300 of their young leaders in 27 waves into Lepaya’s Leadership Essentials program. Lepaya launched a learning solution at scale, yet one that responded to the individual skill needs of each cohort. From driving a feedback culture to approaching difficult conversations, our program went beyond theory. We ensured that the learning material was realized in practice to create a meaningful impact on Picnic’s leadership performance.

Co-creating the right Leaders

More than 300 first-time managers received Lepaya’s training and over 80% of participants reported an improvement in self-efficacy in more than 3 of the 5 leadership modules.

“I see a real difference in how teams conduct themselves. That’s why we are looking at further programs with Lepaya to allow Captains, Supervisors and Hub Leads to dive deeper into leadership topics. Thanks to the leadership program, we have created a working environment where people are happier and work with us longer.”



Willemijn offers just a glimpse into Picnic & Lepaya’s future. Ambitious companies need the right leaders to lay the foundation for long-term success and we could not be prouder to support Picnic and nurture its next generation of leaders.

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