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Empowering experienced leaders

We are living through unprecedented times that call for unprecedented leadership. As the world changes rapidly, today’s executives must shift their mindsets beyond the current norm. Our Experienced Leaders Academy is designed to empower your leaders to achieve that by encouraging, inspiring, and motivating their employees in ways that create meaningful change.

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You have the skills, we help you apply them

Experienced leaders already have skills such as coaching, conducting performance conversations, and creating psychological safety. The challenge lies in knowing how to apply them when there are underlying polarities at play. How do you balance empathy with driving results? How do you encourage authenticity while maintaining alignment between staff members and teams?

Driving behavior through mindset

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand the dynamics that make up your workforce. For executives who already master management skills fundamentals and want to expand their leadership skills, our Experienced Leaders Academy focuses on mindset - as mindset drives behavior and supports experienced leaders in actually applying their skills consistently and in more complex situations.

Learn in the most effective way

For experienced leaders, we've not only tailored the training topics but also optimized the teaching methods, using approaches proven to be most effective for this target group. Working with our expert facilitator, executives will be guided through a range of interventions, including competency and belief assessments, 1:1 coaching, and social learning circles that will empower leaders to:

  • Cultivate an empowering mindset and be their authentic self at work
  • Define a resonant purpose and motivate employees to achieve it
  • Support well-being and adaptability amidst change and insecure times
  • Create value through collaboration across networks.

Targeted training for a new era of leadership

Our goal is to help experienced leaders gain the skills, mindset, and confidence needed to steer their organizations through the challenges of tomorrow. Book a call with our learning consultant to get started.

What do our clients say?

Clients give our training a rating of 8 /10

“The way of learning that Lepaya offers is already adapted to the ever-changing world and the challenges we're facing.”
Tessa Jobben
HR, Program Manager at pladis
“Thanks to the leadership program, we have created a working environment where people are happier and work with us longer.”
Willemijn Veerman
L&D, Operations at Picnic
“With Lepaya, I feel understood, having to only use a few words. Lepaya has the expertise to understand our industry, and is also a tech partner with a Microsoft Teams integration.”
Anneke Nobel
HR Business, Partner at Fellowmind