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The challenge

To prepare young professionals, who do not yet have the practical skills they need to stand out, for the labour market.

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The solution

Setting up learning paths in which young professionals develop relevant and applicable skills that give them a better chance on the labor market.

With the right skills, the right start

Interviewee: Danique Van Ingen, HR Eexecutive at YoungCapital Next

“At YoungCapital NEXT, we believe in closing the gap we see in the labor market between organizations (our clients) and young professionals. Customers often ask for years of experience, we ask ourselves how do you get this experience when you have just left school. This is where we come in. We want to give young professionals the opportunity to enter the job market in a strong position by being relevantly trained.”

“Young professionals should be able to take their first step into the job market with confidence. But where do they start? We want to bring an acceleration of knowledge and experience, and believe this starts by learning a combination of soft skills with a nice foundation of hard skills.”

“We start the development trajectory of trainees ourselves. We start with a Growth Mindset screening, to measure how our trainees view development and growth. This way we create insight into our trainees. How do they approach problems? Do they see many obstacles on their path? While the first attitude can take you a long way, the second can get in your own way. In order to prepare our candidates for the professional world, we therefore offer the possibility of following the ‘Take Charge’ course. A personal leadership track that offers candidates the right mindset and the right foundation.”

“Lepaya complements our L&D on the content, training the candidates selected by us in the right expertise. In the development process we work on with Lepaya, we want our trainees to participate in bootcamps to learn the right knowledge and skills for data-driven positions. Excel training doesn’t cover the bill here, it’s really about creating insights into data; about the added value of learning a way of thinking and becoming data literate. Insights they can later apply in their jobs and their careers.”

“We offer the best of both worlds with the growth mindset we train in our personal leadership program and the knowledge and skills Lepaya trains during substantive bootcamps. The right combination of soft and hard skills for the best start on the job market.”



The best match

“We go for the best matches: young professionals with the right skills in a position that suits them. We only achieve these matches by offering the right personal guidance. We look at who our trainee is. What skills do they have? Where do they excel? What does our customer need? In search of the best fit, we choose which personalities fit best with which functions. After all, a data-driven function requires a different type of person than a communications function, for example.”

“That’s why we run bootcamps. This is the way and opportunity for candidates to develop the right skills. Together with Lepaya, we specifically give bootcamps in the field of data analysis. For two weeks, our candidates learn the right Power Skills for the data job.”

“In the second week of the bootcamp, the trainees hold a presentation for the client. We show: these are the trainees available and suitable for the job. And the trainees are able to show how they have developed, what skills they now possess.”

“Our trainees have a good base of skills after the training. A more than healthy foundation from which they can confidently convince organisations of their knowledge and skills. Young professionals do not start their careers at zero with us. Our candidates step in at a higher level.”

The impact

“The bootcamps are of enormous added value for our trainees. ‘Super fun, very valuable’ is something we often hear back in the positive reviews. Of course, the two weeks of development are at the same time very intensive. Our candidates make a jump from zero to ten. But they get a lot out of it. They really become wiser from the material and that’s what matters.”

“We see this reflected in the results, which are always very good. Our customers are happy with the trainees we place. We often hear that trainees are a real addition to the team in which they are placed, this we like to hear! We are happy when a trainee has had a good experience and has received a good assignment.”

“For our clients, the bootcamp is the perfect time to gain insight into the talent that is currently available. A lot of opportunities have already come out of this for our trainees.”

“The added value of the development program for our trainees is that they are not starting from scratch. By training the right skills, they enter the job market at a higher level.”



“The new generations place little value on the idea that you should ‘stay with the same employer for 20 years’. They are much more likely to quit and switch jobs. Young professionals want to keep growing and developing!”

“New generations do this mainly by investing a lot in themselves, through online courses or even YouTube. New generations are becoming more skilled, with the result that the level of our bootcamps is also rising. All to the benefit of development.”

“Yet at the same time young professionals know very well what they want and don’t want. We see that it is becoming more and more important how companies propose their vision, whether they are responsible and environmentally aware. If you don’t do much with diversity and inclusion now, people are more critical. This is a great trend!”

“Together with Lepaya, we support trainees by training in skills that the new generation in this current market can really advance with. Skills that we teach by doing. Many companies require knowledge and skills for systems that young professionals don’t learn during their education but do learn during our bootcamps.”



YoungCapital and Lepaya: partners who complement each other

“YoungCapital is a global recruitment agency with the largest youth database in Europe. Every week they prepare 20,000 candidates for the professional world. However, we do not have professional knowledge in house, we do not train our candidates in specific areas of expertise ourselves. We offer talent management, and our strength is that we spot a need in the market and a demand for a particular expertise. On that basis we look for the best L&D partner. That’s how we ended up with Lepaya. Because of their knowledge and expertise.”

“Lepaya is an L&D partner that allows our candidates to develop to the required level. The training courses are well put together and meet the needs of our trainees. They are absolutely up to date in the field of L&D.”

An L&D partner like Lepaya

“Lepaya is a provider of quality training. A good partner that thinks along with us, really wants to work together. Where the door is always open and where it’s about innovative collaboration, complementing and adding to each other.”

Next up: “The market has turned around in a very short time. There is a labor shortage; few available people and many vacancies. This means there is a gap between the desire and the requirement, organizations don’t have much choice in this market.”

“We are of course adapting the development paths of our trainees to this. Training has to be worth it. Fortunately, during the bootcamps we can always add depth so that trainees continue to grow. Whether it comes from the trainee or the client, we think ahead and provide the best matches. Development is always valuable for your next job, and we continue to work on this with Lepaya.”

About YoungCapital

As a fast-growing recruitment agency, YoungCapital is an innovative player in the field of recruitment and talent management.

Full of guts, ambition, adrenaline and energy. Times a thousand. That is YoungCapital. They think in terms of opportunities, love speed, are honest and always want to do better than yesterday. They don’t step, but jump out of bed. To work together to help all young and young-minded find work. Not through the beaten path, but in their own way. Stepping out of their comfort zone is what they love to do most. According to this fresh organization, this is the only way to learn something new and to do it better than yesterday.

Fail fast, learn fast, improve fast

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