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The challenge

Creating a scalable learning solution for all employees at Bynder to train their people skills.

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The solution

Choosing Lepaya as a trusted L&D business partner for power skills trainings at scale across the globe with local experienced trainers.

Interviewing Head of L&D at Bynder
Interviewee: Ruben Vermaak, Head of L&D at Bynder


“Looking back at the growth we experienced at Bynder, growing from 6 to 400 employees in seven years’ time, it has been such a great ride. We’re currently located in 7 offices across the United States, Europe and in Dubai. At Bynder we employ talented and experienced professionals to accelerate our growth and at the same time make this growth sustainable.”

“Despite our high growth pace, professional development of employees was always an important topic. We spend a lot of time and effort to hire the best professionals out there so it’s crucial to utilize these talents and keep them on board. At the same time focusing on personal and professional development is what younger generations now expect of their employers. We want to facilitate them in the learning curve they are searching for. So looking at it both ways, it makes sense to invest in L&D.”

“Being a tech scaleup, we understand professionals won’t stick around for their entire career. However we do want to empower them with skills that benefit them for life.”

Growing from startup to scaleup vs. learning needs

“The differences between startup and scaleup learning needs are very distinct. In the early days when we were just a startup, the setting didn’t allow yet for a big focus on L&D. Growing into a scaleup phase Learning & Development it really became a pillar by itself. I was very glad the leadership team always acknowledged the importance of it, and agreed to our Learning & Development plans instantly. These days, it’s a recurring theme with new joiners, people who already work here for longer and also with the executive team.”

“We want all Bynder employees from marketers to developers to grow as a professional in the broader sense”



Topics of interest to develop

“At Bynder we focus on both hard skills and people skills development, also referred to as power skills. Continued focus on expanding hard skills is important for professionals to remain the best developer, but we are also specifically interested in developing professionals’ soft skills. This is where professionals differentiate from doing their own roles well to actually outperforming and making the difference. We want all Bynder employees from marketers to developers to grow as a professional in the broader sense.”

Bynder’s requirements for scaling Learning & Development

“To scale our learning & development offering to all professionals across the organization, we were looking for a company to help us with this. While preparing our search for a suited L&D business partner, we decided on these requirements to look for:

Combined theory and practice in a pragmatic way. We wanted a company that doesn’t only have trainers that can explain how to do it, but that has trainers who actually had similar experiences themselves and can talk from these experiences.

Training that’s localized to a specific culture. Bynder is based in the United States, Europe and Dubai and knowing how different these cultures are, it is key to incorporate that into power skills training.

Training that provides professionals with hands-on skills that they can start applying tomorrow. It’s about tangible basics that create a long term advantage. This was an important criterion because we noticed training is often focused at a more advanced stage of leadership for example and that’s not yet what we need for the majority of our employees.

A company with likeminded people that work(ed) for tech companies already. We have specific needs and have a very different scope and way of working in comparison to corporates. No need to show up dressed in a suit at Bynder!”

Bynder about the benefits of working with Lepaya

“Looking for a training company that helps to train our professionals with power skills at scale, we got a word-of-mouth tip from the former Global Head of HR Maya Chapman at Bloomon. Lepaya was recommended to us as a very helpful, likeminded training company that really understands the needs of a tech scaleup.

At Bynder we have now been working with Lepaya for more than 3 years and are very happy with Lepaya’s services. We love working with Lepaya for a number of reasons:

1. Lepaya provides the right balance in theory versus practical training
It’s all about impact and providing training that helps professionals achieve next-level. This is exactly the type of training provided by Lepaya with an excellent balance between theory and practical sessions facilitated by experienced trainers.

2. Lepaya has great trainers
Lepaya understands the quality of trainers is crucial and as such uses experienced professionals to provide the training sessions. These trainers don’t only know how it should be done but have experienced it all themselves. This is so important to really get the message across and teach participants valuable skills.

“Lepaya provides training delivered by experienced professionals who don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk”



3. Lepaya works globally and provides localized training
We didn’t only want to provide training in one of the Bynder offices, all Bynder employees should be able experience these trainings across the globe. Lepaya was able to arrange experienced trainers on the ground in every key market within a short time-frame, from the United States in San Francisco & Boston, all the way to our European offices. This is exactly what we need, rather than having trainers flown in from another country. It still impresses us today and speaks to our confidence in Lepaya’s expertise and flexibility.

4. Lepaya is Bynder’s trusted L&D business partner
Having Learning & Development as a top priority, we come up with a lot of non-conventional ideas of learning topics that don’t exist yet in the training landscape but come from our employees’ needs. Lepaya understands what we want and creates fitting solutions that don’t only benefit us at Bynder but also widens the perspective of L&D solutions for other organizations. They are by our side to build the next generation of professional development training.

5. Lepaya knows what tech companies need
Being a tech scaleup we are hiring the best professionals in the market and are moving very fast. Scalability is a key consideration when we need to make a decision. Lepaya understands this and is right there when you need them.”

The positive impact of Learning & development on Bynder

“Focusing on Learning & Development together with Lepaya definitely creates the desired impact for our business. We see employees who participated in the professional development training are staying on board significantly longer. Plus they obviously improve their power skills – that by itself makes us the cohesive and successful tech scaleup we are today. Your employees are the key ingredient of creating a successful business. We’re proud to have Lepaya as our L&D business partner to develop our professionals to their full potential.”

About Bynder

Bynder is a global leader in digital asset management (DAM), providing the most powerful and scalable SaaS solution for brand management. Recognized for its intuitive user experience, Bynder helps more than 1,000,000 users across over 2100 organizations, including Spotify, Puma and Icelandair, to create, share and organize the full lifecycle of their digital content in the cloud. Founded in 2013, Bynder has since grown to over 350 employees in seven offices around the globe, including the Netherlands, USA, Spain, UK and UAE. The company is backed by Insight Partners.
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