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Powerful stories communicate trust, credibility and authenticity while inspiring and motivating an audience.

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Structured storytelling

Through presentation skills coaching, learn the basics of creating an engaging story with a strong structure that guides your audience along.

Presenting yourself

Create powerful stories by tapping into your personal strengths and find your natural presentation style with help from your non-verbal communication skills.


Give slide decks structure, logic and a compelling storyline that helps your audience accept your recommendations and ideas.


Customize slides to support the goal of your presentation by connecting with your audience and defining a key message focused on your goal.

PowerPoint essentials

Build slide decks with a professional look and feel that keep your audience engaged and interested.

Personal elevator pitch

Introduce yourself – and your ideas – through business storytelling that hooks stakeholders and clients with authenticity and relevance while fueling demand for a follow-up.

Convincing presentations

Share a clear, convincing message by understanding your audience and connecting on a deeper level. Ideal for experienced speakers looking to master storytelling in business presentations.

Skill features

Our approach is grounded in data and science

Adult learning theories – such as blended learning and the flipped classroom – allow us to maximize impact. We leverage the power of technology, continuously measure and analyze results, and encourage learners to practice new behaviors at every turn.

Understanding value to drive value

Learning is not just for L&D professionals. It is the partnership between L&D and the business that creates impact. Together, you can make a difference in individual and company performance.

The boundaries between work and practice should blur

We help you create an environment where learners feel safe to practice and apply their new skills, during training sessions and in their day-to-day work with their colleagues and manager.

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What do our clients say?

Clients give our training a rating of 8 /10

“The way of learning that Lepaya offers is already adapted to the ever-changing world and the challenges we're facing.”
Tessa Jobben
HR, Program Manager at pladis
“Thanks to the leadership program, we have created a working environment where people are happier and work with us longer.”
Willemijn Veerman
L&D, Operations at Picnic
“With Lepaya, I feel understood, having to only use a few words. Lepaya has the expertise to understand our industry, and is also a tech partner with a Microsoft Teams integration.”
Anneke Nobel
HR Business, Partner at Fellowmind