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Lepaya Acquires Smartenup: Frequently Asked Questions

Lepaya Acquires Smartenup: Frequently Asked Questions

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Mar 8, 2021
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Article Summary

We are proud to announce that we have acquired data-literacy & Excel-training scale-up Smartenup. To inform you about the reasons and story, we hereby share a FAQ with you.

Why did Lepaya acquire Smartenup?

Lepaya has always championed skills that make a difference in one’s career. On top of our blended soft skills curriculum, we are pleased to now expand our portfolio with a data-literacy hard skills offering, centered around skills such as Excel, PowerBI, Problem Solving, Storytelling, Analytics, and many more.

Since her foundation in 2014, Smartenup has helped tens of thousands of professionals, teams and organizations become data-driven and how to better analyze, visualize and interpret data. From the day that we met Smartenup’s founder Eric Haase, we noticed that our DNA matched. We were both driven by the mission of helping professionals be more effective in their daily lives, by helping them to be more effective in their jobs.

Why will you start offering both soft and hard skills?

Looking at what professionals need in their work now and tomorrow, both Soft and Hard Skills are essential. World Economic Forum referred to this recently with the 2025 Future Skills.

Why are you talking about Power Skills instead of soft or hard skills?

We see the combination of soft skills and hard skills as the ultimate combination every professional needs to be successful. This combination is what we also like to refer to as Power Skills.

Will the offering that Lepaya provides change in any way?

We will remain to offer our existing soft skill training: our popular programs Base, Build and Beyond that are tied to every phase in a professional’s career. However, on top of that we will start providing Hard Skills training such as Excel, PowerPoint, PowerBI, Google Sheets, Storytelling, Powerquery, VBA, etc.

What does this acquisition mean for me as customer?

Nothing will change with the current trainings which we provide you with. Though, if you are interested to learn more about our new hard skills training offering, we would be more than happy to tell you everything about it. If this is the case, we’d love to hear from you via an inquiry at this page.

Will the offering that Smartenup provides change in any way?

Smartenup will remain to offer their existing hard skill training like Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Google Sheets, Storytelling etc.

Where can I read the press release?

Here you can read the press release!

I have more questions, who could help me answer them?

Of course we’d be happy to think along. Please reach out to Charlotte Eggens via She’ll bring you in contact with the right person internally!

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