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Meet our VR Project Manager Huipeng And The Exciting World Of VR

Meet our VR Project Manager Huipeng And The Exciting World Of VR

Written by:
Gregor Towers
Date created
August 6, 2021
Last updated:
June 19, 2024
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Key takeaways

Who is Lepayaan Huipeng?

She is working on integrating VR into Lepaya’s current training system and rolling out a more immersive learning experience. Huipeng joined Lepaya as a VR project management intern last July. She was a Master student in Cultural Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before her Master, she had several years of experience in entertainment VR in China, where she was involved in the production of ‘’The Deserted,’’ a Biennale-nominated VR film directed by Tsai Ming-liang. Now, she has shifted her interest from the artistic sector to the learning and development sector.

Immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR), is a type of technology that has become closer to our life, especially during the pandemic. Many companies find great potential in immersive technology. By applying it to learning and development, Ed-tech companies are able to provide a huge number of learners with simulation trainings (even if sometimes they are limited by physical distance). Lepaya is now journeying into utilising this promising technology to improve our trainings. Huipeng joining Lepaya as Project Management Intern is a crucial step in this journey.

Huipeng - VR Project Management intern

VR: an exciting world

As Project Management intern, Huipeng is working on various experimental VR projects at Lepaya. One of these projects is the development of Lepaya’s VR Power Skills training. To improve the content creation of training demos, Huipeng is responsible for testing the demo both internally and externally. She has been also doing research on user experience, trying to discover a better UX and UI design for Lepaya’s immersive learning experience.

The first month of Huipeng’s internship at Lepaya was full of excitement and joy. As a transition from university to the workplace and from China to Europe, she expects that this internship will help her adapt to the working environment in the Netherlands. She fully felt the entrepreneurial spirit and the optimistic energy of the Lepaya team, where everyone is free to talk and support each other. Moreover, she appreciates the role of the intern at Lepaya, one that allows involvement in different tasks and projects.

So please welcome Lepaya’s new Project Management intern Huipeng! We are so excited to see what she brings to Lepaya’s trainings.

VR Activity

Become a Lepayaan Project management intern, like Huipeng!

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