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Developing leaders who transform their organizations: Lepaya's new Experienced Leaders Academy

Developing leaders who transform their organizations: Lepaya's new Experienced Leaders Academy

Written by:
Linda Vecvagare
Date created
November 29, 2023
Last updated:
April 8, 2024
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Key takeaways

• Lepaya acquired Krauthammer, bringing 50+ years of leadership training expertise.

• The Experienced Leaders Academy focuses on empowerment, resilience, and collaboration for executives with 5+ years of experience.

• The program aims to help leaders navigate unprecedented challenges and foster innovation within their teams.

• Training focuses on mindset, behavior, and core skills like psychological safety and collaboration.

• Interested leaders can book a call with a learning consultant to learn more about the program.

In May of this year, Lepaya acquired the iconic training provider Krauthammer, and in doing so, gained 50+ years of senior leadership training expertise. Leveraging this knowledge and combining it with a unique capability platform, Lepaya is excited to announce its new Experienced Leaders Academy for top-level executives. 

For executives with 5+ years of experience in a leadership role, the Experienced Leaders Academy equips them with the right mindset and skills to encourage, inspire, and motivate their employees in ways that create meaningful change.

The program centers around four key themes: empowerment and authenticity, purpose-driven autonomous growth, resilience and agility in change, and co-creation through collaboration. Leaders will apply lessons to real-life challenges and reinforce new ideas and concepts in their teams with continuous learning check-ins.

With this program, Lepaya is expanding its learning portfolio to become the go-to upskilling and transformation company for leaders at every level of an organization.

The importance of empowering leadership

The climate crisis, global health challenges, geopolitics, technological advances - the world is experiencing unprecedented challenges and opportunities that have a huge influence on how we live and work. Our organizations’ leaders are left to figure out how to navigate this moment. 

Now more than ever it’s important for leaders to understand what makes up their workforce, including people, strategies, and goals, and how they should lead in this dynamic environment making sure that they keep people inspired, interested, intrapreneurial, interconnected, insured and involved. 

Transformational leaders encourage, inspire and motivate employees to perform in ways that create meaningful change.

In a world where economic insecurity and fast technological changes are the norm, the role of the leader has become to foster innovation and ownership within their teams as well as across departments and geographies. The leaders who are able to create organizational structures and cultures that facilitate this and engage talent will come out on top.

Targeted training for an advanced leadership mindset

Experienced leaders already have a toolbox of skills. Now it’s time to help them focus on effectively applying these skills so that they can deal with the polarities at play within their organization, from learning how to balance empathy with driving results to encouraging authenticity while maintaining alignment. 

That’s why our program focuses on mindset — as mindset drives behavior and will support experienced leaders in actually applying their skills consistently and in more complex situations. 

Core skills such as psychological safety, feedback, and coaching are interwoven throughout the training program to empower leaders to:

  • Lead themselves by cultivating an empowering mindset and being authentic
  • Lead others by defining a resonant purpose and motivating them to achieve it
  • Support well-being and adaptation amidst changing circumstances
  • Create value through collaboration across networks.

Getting started

Our goal is to help experienced leaders gain the skills, mindset, and confidence needed to steer their organizations through the challenges of tomorrow.

Book a call with our learning consultant to learn more.

Ready to upskill your people & transform your business?

We offer a scalable employee training solution. It lets you continuously upskill your people.

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