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Empowering sales teams to outpace competitors: Lepaya’s new Commercial Academy

Empowering sales teams to outpace competitors: Lepaya’s new Commercial Academy

Written by:
Thomas Schipperen
Date created
January 18, 2024
Last updated:
June 20, 2024
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Key takeaways

• Lepaya's Commercial Academy offers sales professionals the skills needed to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

• The academy provides hands-on training with measurable results and a mix-and-match module approach tailored to individual business goals.

• The Commercial Academy, along with the Experienced Leaders Academy, aims to support organizations in navigating economic uncertainty and technological changes.

• Interested organizations can schedule a call with a Lepaya learning consultant to learn more about the Commercial Academy.

Lepaya is expanding its learning portfolio with the launch of a brand-new Commercial Academy. Designed to hone the skills of sales professionals at every level — from beginners to advanced — the academy will give individuals and organizations the edge they need to outpace competitors and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Combining insights from recent best practices in sales approaches with buyer psychology and neuroscience, our portfolio addresses each stage of the sales journey, supporting professionals with the knowledge, tools, and mindset needed to boost revenue, become trusted advisors, and build lasting partnerships. 

Why commercial skills are crucial to business success

The world of sales is rapidly changing. Customer expectations are rising, sales are becoming more digital and hybrid and this new era of selling requires new sales capabilities.

Today we are seeing a shift away from traditional transactions towards a more consultative approach focused on understanding and addressing customer needs. 

When sales professionals understand customers' pain points, challenges, and aspirations, they can offer tailored solutions that really work. By developing their commercial skills, sales teams enhance their ability to navigate the complexities of the market, engage in meaningful conversations, and position themselves as reliable advisors — exactly what is needed to stand out in an ever-changing business landscape.

Training that delivers measurable results

The Commercial Academy develops commercial skills in a hands-on, practical, and innovative way that delivers measurable results within organizations. We focus on demonstrating the tangible impact of our programs, measuring, for example, how refining closing skills directly influences deal margins.

We combine classroom time with independent digital learning to meet the needs of fast-paced and result-driven sales teams. With Lepaya’s custom app and unique capability platform, commercial professionals can access the learnings when they need it and where they need it, while fostering continuous learning. 

Choose the skills for each step of the sales process

Our commercial skills portfolio has a mix-and-match set-up, offering 17 modules that align with the sales pipeline and buyer journey. Before starting the program, we will conduct a needs assessment to identify and select the modules most relevant to your business goals. This ensures a personalized approach that delivers the learning and development needed for each professional and organization’s unique context.

Getting started

In combination with our Experienced Leaders Academy, the Commercial Academy represents the next phase of Lepaya’s journey to provide organizations with the comprehensive support needed to succeed in a world where economic insecurity and fast technological changes are the norm.

Our learning experiences give professionals the chance to experiment with new skills in a safe, feedback-rich environment that ultimately creates a tangible impact on real-world performance.

Ensure that your organization can outrun the competition and achieve sustainable success. Book a call with a Lepaya learning consultant to learn more about our Commercial Academy.

Ready to upskill your people & transform your business?

We offer a scalable employee training solution. It lets you continuously upskill your people.

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