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Microsoft Teams Meets Lepaya: 3 Benefits To Optimize The Learner Journey

Microsoft Teams Meets Lepaya: 3 Benefits To Optimize The Learner Journey

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August 24, 2023
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April 8, 2024
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Key takeaways

Microsoft Teams popularity grew exponentially in 2020, seeing the number of daily active users rise from 12 million in early March to 44 million just a week later. By October 2020, a colossal 115 million people were using Microsoft Teams world wide, a number that is still growing exponentially. That’s why Lepaya decided to utilize this and expand the learning experience of our trainings via Microsoft Teams. In this blog you’ll read all about the newest integration between Lepaya and Microsoft Teams.

Lepaya x Microsoft Teams

As we believe in creating an impactful learning path for our learners, we see the integration with Microsoft Teams as the right answer to facilitate that. Because professionals are already using Teams for their daily work, it’s a logical place to be and motivate employees in their training program. That is how the Lepaya product team formulated and tested the hypothesis: “The closer we are to the learner in their normal flow of work, the higher the engagement with content & therefore we increase impact”.

The goal with Lepaya’s integration with Microsoft Teams is to facilitate trainings that are impactful and easier to partake in for your employees. This comes with the following benefits:

  1. With this integration, learners can attend virtual trainings within the Microsoft Teams interface. Lepaya’s virtual trainings are delivered by actors and trainers, live and directly to learners. In this way, we give your employees an accessible training experience that is fully integrated into their natural flow of work. By immersing learners into training through their work platform, we expect their engagement to increase and while also creating a more convenient user experience.
  2. Learners will consume e-learning content (at Lepaya- we call these “Learning bites”) on the Microsoft platform and be able to interact with their learning group. With an integrated and interactive form of learning, your employees will motivate one another through their trainings, share their experiences and bond. Not only will your employees develop skills together but they will also come away with even more training skills using this method of learning which creates a steeper learning curve. Your employees will feel well equipped with the power skills they need to perform, and become more impactful in their role, leading to higher productivity and happier employees.
  3. With the integration of our trainings and e-learning content, your employees will no longer have to download and sign up to multiple external applications to complete their trainings. Lepaya’s integration with Teams rids the need to step outside of the work environment to complete training and makes the learning experience engaging and simple for your employees.
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If you want to know more about our trainings or Microsoft Teams integrations, be sure to get in touch!

Ready to upskill your people & transform your business?

We offer a scalable employee training solution. It lets you continuously upskill your people.

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