Lepaya’s AI Coach is your digital Personal Trainer to gain confidence and master communication.

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What is the impact of our training?



Measured improvement for learners



No in-person sessions, immediately accessible with instant feedback



Personal approach and individual feedback

The path to confident communication starts here

Presenting is daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Start training presentation skills with a learning methodology that installs confidence.

Lepaya’s AI Coach is your digital Personal Trainer to master communication. Train independently via your mobile when & where you want and present yourself with confidence to audiences.

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Instant AI-video feedback

We believe learning should make an impact that’s backed up by facts and figures.

And as your trusted partner, we guide your people toward a moment when they apply their new skills in real life.

Learn in your own space

The learner designs and controls their optimal learning environment. Artificial Intelligence Coaching fits learners’ workflow, resulting in effortless and convenient learning which ensures maximum engagement when training skills.

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Concrete performance score

Learners receive a performance score to monitor, benchmark and measure their development.

Tracking performance scores allows learners to have an overview of their progression and gain confidence in their communication skills as they improve.

What do our clients say?

Clients give our training a rating of 8 /10

“The way of learning that Lepaya offers is already adapted to the ever-changing world and the challenges we're facing.”
Tessa Jobben
HR, Program Manager at pladis
“Thanks to the leadership program, we have created a working environment where people are happier and work with us longer.”
Willemijn Veerman
L&D, Operations at Picnic
“With Lepaya, I feel understood, having to only use a few words. Lepaya has the expertise to understand our industry, and is also a tech partner with a Microsoft Teams integration.”
Anneke Nobel
HR Business, Partner at Fellowmind

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