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Shifting the leaders of change & people to the epicenter of business strategy in 2023

The most important asset for any business in 2023 is their leader. But it’s not a leader who simply implements cutting-edge innovation to enhance business revenue. It’s the visionary leaders who know how to use their most valuable business asset to drive sustainable growth and change – the people.  

The Thirst for New Growth

In the State of Skills Report, one trend is clear: while every business grapples with economic disruption, the real growth killers are; skill gaps, skills-based hiring and scalable upskilling solutions to develop and retain talent in volatile markets.  

With these growth killers plaguing organizations, every business is implementing change to find new growth and profit. What differs, however, is how each business triggers this change.

For some, their financial resources are invested into automation such as risk forecasting to determine their long-term strategy. But when automation is flawed, people are the first to feel the harsh consequence as business leaders scramble to protect revenue. This was exemplified with mass layoffs in the technology industry as market growth predictions undermined over-hiring initiatives.  

In 2023, the pressure is piling on businesses to trigger sustainable change that generates fresh growth and profits in a tight market. Meaning that harnessing the power of transformation and people centric leaders who can achieve this are key.

What do top leaders prioritize to transform a business into an agile, responsive and successful organization in 2023? They focus on combining two things.

Number One: Change

The golden business leaders prioritize change and transformation to adapt to new economic realities. They will take ownership of optimizing systems and resources to ensure global companies remain competitive in 2023.

This change, however, is sustainable. The ability to drive change this year means delivering on a global scale to clients, advancing innovation and accelerating productivity without compromising people or systems. With this in mind, these leaders cement themselves at the epicenter of business strategy by optimizing company structures such as supply chains and internal organizations to guide their business through change in 2023.

Number Two: People

With more businesses dependent on leaders to manage their growth during a turbulent year, golden leaders know how to optimize people to secure stability and manage risk. They will put the right systems and support in place to nurture agile, customer centric, and adaptive talent to remain steady when the business space shakes.

Some leaders may have the resources to implement widespread automated processes to drive rapid change in the workplace. But sustainable change occurs when you enable your people. After all, they are the core of your business DNA regardless of new technologies businesses adopt.

That doesn’t mean businesses should focus on people optimization in isolation of innovation. The companies winning the race to find new growth and revenue in 2023 will have leaders in place who harness the potential of technology and people to accelerate change and transformation.

30 Leaders of People & Change to reckon with in 2023

We’re celebrating 30 leaders of people and change  to show why they are at the epicenter of business strategy this year. No matter the continent or industry, each leader we’ve identified harnesses the capabilities of technology and people to catalyze transformation and new business growth. From Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives to utilizing innovation to boost talent performance, they accelerate business impact to create lasting change in 2023 and beyond.

Here’s Lepaya’s 30 Leaders to reckon with in 2023.

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