Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Employees can really flourish within a diverse and inclusive organization, that is why D&I is so important to us.

"We strive towards creating a Lepaya where every voice is heard and diverse perspectives are welcome. A work environment where everyone feels safe to contribute is our secret ingredient for innovation and enjoying the ride."
Peter Kuperus
Founder, Co-CEO


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We aim to get to know the person behind the colleague.

We explore our differences and learn to understand each other.



We respect and appreciate each other.

We approach differing perspectives and experiences with respect.


We pave the way to an equitable & inclusive working environment.

We aim to inspire our employees to adopt a DEI mindset.

Open Dialogues

Lepaya believes in learning- in every capacity. At Lepaya, we routinely hold “Open Dialogues” of varying themes which allow our employees to learn more about one another and a variety of themes ranging from Invisible Disabilities to Sexual Misconduct. In doing so, our employees develop an awareness, appreciation and understanding of one another.

Employee Resource Groups

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LGBTQI+ Community

Our LGBTQI+ ERG aims to promote an inclusive environment for any employee that identifies as LGBTQI+. Whether it is advice, company or support- this group creates a welcoming community for all our LGBTQI+ employees.

Women @ Lepaya

Women @ Lepaya is an ERG that contributes to a more inclusive workplace by creating a space where all employees that identify as women can come together to empower and lift one another up to reach their full potential without barriers standing in their way.

Mental Wellbeing

The Mental Wellbeing ERG destigmatizes the impact of work on mental wellbeing and creates a space where employees may feel safe to talk about their mental health and feel accepted.

Lepaya x OpenUp

Lepaya’s mission is to empower professionals to lead happier lives. To ensure this mission internally, we aim to focus on the happiness and health of our colleagues.

By teaming up with OpenUp, we are putting mental health in focus. OpenUp makes seeking mental health care quick and accessible. They use preventative measures to tackle mental health issues and offer their services in 20+ languages.

Every employee at Lepaya has access to a number of resources from one-time advice to multiple sessions with a psychologist.  Rest assured that we value our employees’ privacy, so all sessions and their content are private to you and your OpenUp psychologist.Lepaya understands the value of creating a safe and supportive workplace for all of our employees and we believe that our collaboration with OpenUp is a step in the right direction.

Our Training

Lepaya understands the value of learning about Diversity and Inclusion in every work place. Our D&I trainings motivate your employees to challenge their unconscious thought processes and start having diversity related conversations. If you want to know more about our D&I trainings, be sure to check it out!

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Our subgroups are project groups focus on the various pillars of diversity, equity, & inclusion. We deeply value embracing, flourishing, discovering, and appreciating our unique selves! (flip image hover effect


Focuses on building an inclusive and equitable workplace for Lepayans


Focuses on raising awareness and creating safe space for conversation that are often not discussed in the workplace



Focuses on celebrating and showing mutual appreciation for our cultural backgrounds, special days and traditions



Focuses on understanding and improving the experience of different groups within Lepaya


Accessibility guild

Focuses on enhancing the accessibility of our products and services for all users

At Lepaya


of our employees are women

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