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Empower your young talent with future-proof skills to kickstart successful careers at your enterprise.

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The leading organizations are already nurturing and growing their future talent. Develop your employees with 0-3 years experience and equip them with the digital, analytical and personal skills to increase their productivity.

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Personal leadership & effective communication
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"I participated in a leadership training program alongside seven incredible colleagues. This opportunity allowed us to focus on personal development and enhance our leadership skills. I especially enjoyed teamwork and collaboration during this training. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the enriching experience it provided."

Henrietta Sztraka
Financial Operations Manager at Vantage Towers

“You do the training with different people and you get one buddy assigned but you also feel more connection with the people you are in the training with. The strength with Lepaya is that you practice with your team members.”

Jeroen van der Zant
Sales lead at pladis

“Lepaya’s training gives me a lot of opportunities to think outside the box, I was able to have more thoughtful conversations, more meaningful conversations with my team.”

Samantha Tan
Logistics Manager at Roxtec
Embodying euthentic presence
Embracing an empowering mindset
Inclusive leadership
Build networks
Leader values
Managing upwards
Nimble learning
Impactful influencing
Leading in a Digital Age
Executive Presence
Translating strategy into execution
Strategic thinking
Collaborating in engaged networks
Co-creating future value
Maximizing adaptability
Fostering wellbeing
Stimulating autonomous growth
Leading with impact
Authentic leadership
Leadership styles
Dealing with conflict
Challenging conversations
Digital literacy for managers
Nimble learning
Delivering key strategic messages
Managing change
Building trust
Coaching my team
Communicate with your team
Effective feedback
Set goals
Delegate & hold accountable
Managing hybrid teams
Team development
Influencing others
Emotional intelligence
Understanding yourself as a leader
Leading change without authority
Stakeholder management
Persuading with value profiles
Empathy & trust
Feedback for growth
Uit een impasse geraken
Engineering agreement
Preparing for success
Inspiring teamwork
Advancing projects
Presenting yourself
Effective pitching
Alignment & conflict
Adaptive empowerment
Critical decision-making
Strategy & prioritization
Speak with presence
Business storytelling
Competency-based interviews
Interviewing fundamentals
Difficult conversations
Managing energy in your team
Talent development conversations
Feedback for leaders
Goal setting with your team
Managing upwards
Impactful influencing
Psychological safety
Leader mindset
Working with stress
Find your focus
Navigating change
Storytelling with data
Problem solving
Personal strength development
Overcoming data obstacles
Project essentials
Data literacy fundamentals
Excel essentials
AI fundamentals
Taking initiative
Creative thinking
Power of ownership
Actionable communication
Assertiveness at work
Prioritize your time
Manage your energy
PowerPoint essentials
Slide writing
Structured storytelling
Conscious communication
Active listening
Ask & receive feedback
Growth mindset